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Peg was able to talk to MamaSaki at the hospital. She said that the event happened on Thursday and that she had been paralyzed since then, unable to move. It was only because Peg had called this morning and not hearing from Mariella that she became concerned and went to her house. While knocking on the door she could hear MamaSaki calling out for help. She then called 911 and assured Mariella that help was coming. Peg has now gone back to the house to make sure that Mariella's dog and cat are fed and taken care of.

They are now doing test on MamaSaki to ascertain exactly what has occured. Anyway, she is most grateful that Peg came and she is more concerned about her animals than she is about herself. That is the way she has always been. Animals first...

MamaSaki is a beautiful soul that has graced our lives with her inate knowing of Mother Nature. She has always been one with the animals and dwelt in peace with them. She has always been the most positive person and still is.

Peg is taking care of the animals now and will call me later with an update on MamaSaki.

Thanking you all for your participation in surrounding them with loving energies.

Love, Deb
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