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And So It Is !

Well said BE and Deb.

It reminds me of a portion of Wayne Dyer's recent seminar airing on PBS called Wishes Fulfilled. It begins with a Biblical quote from Job 33:15-16:

"In a dream, in a vision of the night,
when deep sleep falls upon men,
while slumbering on their beds,
then He opens the ears of men,
and seals their instruction"

Wayne goes on to explain that it is in sleep you enter the world of your subconscious mind. Sleep is its natural state, yet it rules about 96% of your waking life. Why? Because, as the quote above says, it is during this time the subconscious receives our directives/intentions (feelings) and seals their instruction for manifestation! He feels the last 5 minutes of our day, just before going to sleep, are the most important 5 minutes of our day.

He suggests we use those 5 minutes to re-affirm those intentions we desire to experience (e.g., the powerful I AM affirmations, etc) because in this way we are directing our subconscious to seal these instructions for manifestation.

This entire writing by the BE is just that! A beautiful directive to the subconscious in the last 5 minutes of the day!

Thank you for sharing it with us...

Blessed Be,
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