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Wink Hi I am Kyleigh :)

Hello Everybody!

My name is kyleigh elizabeth miller. im so excited!!! i got my report card today and i made a's and b's. so i got to join the Shirley Maclaine site .i am 9 years old. i am a huge fan of shirley's as well! I havae started reading her books.(out on a leash,and im over all that). And i watch her movies alot. One of my favorite movies is Rumor has it. and i like the movie Artist and Models.I would really like to meet Shirley one day.Because she's beaUtiful,nice,sweet,caring,loving,AND TOOOOOOOOOOTALLY AWESOME!Robin also said i have to keep my grades up to stay a member .I am FASINATED with learning diffrent things about the planet. I like reading things about u.f.o's.I am learning about medatation. Its fun how to learn to keep calm.I love how shirley expresses herself in her books.It also inspires me to be a better pearsone.and to have a better pearsonalaty.An i also think Terry is ABSOLUTLY adorable.And i hope to be able to make good freinds here.and learn lots of cool things.

Truly your,Kyleigh <3 <3 <3 <3
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