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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant found herself pondering.
Pondering just exactly what was the most
Important thing to her in this moment.
That didn't take long, it was her own Well-being.

She had come to realize, that if she was not in
Well-being that she certainly could not give of herself
In any productive way in order to help another.
So, she then focused on her own Well-Being.

What is it that I need in order to dwell in Well-Being?
The answers came simply and abruptly:

I must reside in peace in my heart
No matter what situation I find myself
I must know within myself that all is well
No matter what situation I find myself
I must know that no matter what the situation
That I exist within an all knowing situation
Of divinity that marks my way without confusion
Ever knowing that I dwell in abundance always
There is no lack where I dwell and I am safe and secure
In my knowing of existance that is me in this moment.

The Big Elephant then took a moment to embrace
The All That Is that dwells within her and she imaged
Her gratitude of Union with the One that she Extended
In this Manifestation in which she found herself.
Mission Complete came to her mind and she stamped
Her Energy onto the plains and the planes before her.
All was well in her world.

Then she rested.

Love, Deb
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