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Default Sean's latest poem...

Permanent Displacement

Under the sun dreaming into false darkness
Weak from understanding the hard truth of life and law
Wise to words that rise from old ashes he changes minds
And with keen eyes and clearing echoes he calls these dreams into
Failing to hit a mark that others are satisfied and justice failed
A good boy that is marked as dark from rebelling against the makers
A good father that lies beneath the sun and waits for time to come
Also in his dreams awakes a beast that watches over him and her

For the chance of healing old wounds has come and passed away into glory
Glory from love and laughter set in stone for eternity but still the sun
It waits and burns giving life and taking it he knows no pain
Under formed wishes of peace his mind lays out failure of peace
He sits and says words of hatred of horror and humor and placement
Knowing that under the sun there is always a double edge to turn
Seams to hurt to know your love ends at points and returns when unwanted

The boy is a man and under the sun he dreams of the start and finish
Recalling deep memories of energy in circles family friends within a yard
To the top of his lungs he screams in agony of beauty and joy
Then she comes to tame his thoughts of harshness with flowers in her hair
The cold now chills them gives them pleasure and they hide
She tells stories of the boy in the sun with a teacher of life collides
Not understanding their relationship nor their philosophy she cries

I am the son and I see all that lye beneath me and watch me turn to
I see her illuminated and holy not dark and displaced permanently
He reaches for the sun tears flow gently from his eyes heart pounding
It is time to go with him but she calls for him to stay and wait
Wait for the balance to level wait for the night to call them
Home by the fire that resides within them to catch forgotten dreams of the sun
and to linger there with out a moment noticed naturally and awake

Until one day of reckoning that youth can only be aware of
And the sun burns on giving life with no mercy or time to chain it
Unlocked rays to the sights of her and he and he waits patiently radiating
Knowing at last no matter whom he relate to the sun will always turn
Giving back reaching for soul and smiling up at the old man that waits silent

Sean Blackwell
Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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