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As I do each Sunday morning, I start off my day watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. If you have not yet taken the opportunity to view this program, I highly recommend it. She interviews people from all walks of life, some well known like Deepak, Myss, etc., and others not so well known, like last Sunday's guest, Dr. Eben Alexander.

Dr. Alexander is a neurosurgeon of many years, and if ever there was a hard-core, scientific, prove it, I'll believe it when I see it kind of guy, this is him! Or, should I now say, this was him. But not any more.

In 2008, at age 54, he was struck down by an extremely rare illness bacterial E-coli meningitis that left him in a coma for 7 days. Of those who contract this, the stats are that only about 10% survive, but that survival leaves them in a completely vegetative state, sometimes for years.

Not only did he beat the odds, he made a full recovery and wrote about his experiences in his book "Proof of Heaven". The title is in reference to his NDE experiences while in that 7-day coma.

If you've ever wondered what's it like to die, what we experience, what happens to us, what is the spirit world really like, this book can give you an idea. He has a way of writing that puts you right there with him. You actually feel what he is feeling, both tangibly and mentally. He weaves us thru the labyrinth of creation and our connection and oneness with all.

After coming out of the coma and gaining his faculties, he was not only stunned by what he experienced, but humbled as he remembered how he (the scientific medical doctor prior to this) would gently placate his own patients who described similar experiences (while inwardly adhering to his medical belief of a physical cause for this event).

He writes very clearly of both sides of the coin the scientific/medical processes the body experiences, and the other world consciousness the spirit experiences.

Deb and I are reading this together via phone each night in ebook form. We are only about half way thru, but to me, it is such a good read, I just have to share it with you. The topic itself is not new to any of us here, but I find it exciting when more and more of this material gets exposure, affirming some of our own experiences and writings, my own included.

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