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Interesting you say asleep.My whole life before I woke up I was looking for something.Long story short,A chance meeting with a female on job site in my late 30,s.I had to put a fitness machine together in her boyfriends house and he had to go to work.It took 3 hours to do the job with her sitting next to me.I say chance because after you wake up you know theres no chance about these things pre arrange on the other side with cluster mates to help you and them at the sametime.When you meet these strangers that pass in the night you know the entity inside the body.Its an errie feeling we have expericened these things.
I would start a sentence and she would finish it.We both kind of looked at each other.But continued on through the three hours.We both knew it wasn't an attaction but an awaking without saying so.
After that meeting I would just run or fall into situations that made wake up all the more.
I remember when I was still a teen and much involved in the church.I said to myself I want to know the truth no matter what it means.
Like from the movie "you can't handle the truth."
So you know the truth or at least have a better idea about the afterlife and believe its true.Who do you tell not your friends or family or they'd call you nut.
So know the truth and feel trapped by the in abiltiy to really accomplise some goal or person you want to be with.A lesson to learn in this life to be patient or not over baring [asshole] or selfish etc.
You wanted to know and away it only makes it worst.On the other side just by thinking about something the situation appears and you can jump into sence do the right thing as practice and then come back again.They call them 3d visual books of lives.You open a book or vision and to a spot a sence appears,lets say a date or family outing.
I am not a rich person but I have seen the best pychics money can buy.Most are here in the San Franciso bay area.Where I used to live.Hypnotised more then once taken back to previous lives.Had flash backs from other lives when awake.Its like suddenly your in this sence like vision much like tv while where you are is still there.Doesn't last very long and it comes when it wants not when I want it to come.I used to get afraid,now I try to hold as long as possible to understand what time in history.
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