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Default Does GOD get bored?

I am posting the results of a conversation I had with friends who were discussing their belief that GOD created humanity because he/she was bored. I hope you find it interesting and thought provoking.

I kept quiet during the conversation, going inward and asking, How can infinite Being, GOD, become bored? I interpreted my answer as follows.

GOD does not become bored but conscious aspects or finite individualized selves, or fractals of GOD could; boredom eventuating from the tedium of repetitious experience within the limitations of the natural restriction of the finite form through which a conscious self knows and experiences itself. Aware of such possibilities an all knowing GOD would insure that such an aspect of itself, such a conscious self, would have, when needed, an inherent ability to change or transform its expression or frequency so as to alter its form, or consciousness, in such a way that it could shift the awareness into an altered reality and still retain its identity. Such a transformation would enable an individuated self to join with or intertwine with a constantly changing myriad of life expressions, worlds, dimensions or forms etc. That would enable both GOD and GOD's aspects to continuously experience and refresh themselves via the creative impulse willed into the nature of all conscious life, insuring all would have unending experiences coupled with infinite possibilities.
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