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Default Judge and you be Judged

A panel of three entities appear in a space.Hard to get handle on.You are this entity thats emits light and has a shape much like a flame on a match.You have the ability to visualize people places and things in flash.All could appear in your mental thought process as solid and real as this planet.You do and others do as well.I guess the best thing to compare is your dreams.Very similar in many ways.In your dreams you are drop into situations as if you were always there.You live out scenes at time seems damn real but when you wake up ,it was a dream.On the other side its all thought and visualization.Many entities don't want to come back,you could understand why.You can have it all up there and not get hurt or die.But you have come here to get into your other senses.Breathe and touch and smell,To touch someone and they touch you a bonding.
You have your moments up there as well two entities that touch each other transmit private thoughts or sensations.Not like here of course but pretty good for some.
Usually two entities will choose to go through many reincarnations together and carries on back at there clusters.Soul mates no closer to an entity is possible on this side or that.
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