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Hi everyone. Sorry it's taken me so long to join the conversation here. I had a wonderful time with Brit last week and hope to be talking with her again. Despite the hope I have that Baltho/Hattie has returned and wants to be called Melchior this time, it was an emotional show and I had to pick myself up over the next few days.

Please feel free to join Baltho's Facebook site:
and help me spread the word about the book. It isn't yet in bookstores and probably won't make it till after the New Year.

You can go to Amazon and check out the inside of the Kindle and the paperback. The SURPRISE ME button is fun. You never know what you'll land on or how far it will let you go forward and back.

If you order, please order from my site, where you can get signed books and memorabilia using Pay Pal. There's no middle man here, so I make more in profit (and that's super important at this juncture in my life). However, a sale is a sale, and I'm still glad, so do what you will.

Thanks for all your support!
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