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Default Crohn's Flare Up Again!

Well, my lovely friends, Sean and I had two more days of eating wonderful meals that I concocted. However, it seems the Salsa Verde for the Black Bean Burrito was not conducive to Sean's intestinal workings. So, he is now in the Emergency Room being treated, once again, for another Crohn's Flareup.

This was my day to stay at home and rest up and Sean emailed me and told me what was going on and said for me not to come just to sit there for 5 or more hours as we both had been through this ritual before and we knew the outcome - steroids and a shot for pain and back to the facility again. So, I agreed to remain at home. The nurse from Harris Hosp called me to let me know when he got there and I am still waiting to hear an update which I know will come soon.

Anyway, please send your loving energies to surround Sean once again. I am intending that this Crohn's will go into permanent remission.

As always, thanking you all for your participation in our wonderful beautiful journey into life. We have truly grown to know that within every occurrence there is a purpose if we but look for it. So, here we are again looking for the purpose in this event of today.

Sweet love to you all,
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