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Unhappy My Mom again!

Hi All! I need help again with my Mom, Cathy!!! Again, she was put in the hospitol for her dementia! This time she went to a local eatery and ordered for herself and 4 invisable people and had conversations with them in public it seems, the eatery called the police and they came and took her to the psych ward once again... Last month my Brother had to call and have her taken by the police, this is the 6th time this year. Now, I believe it is the 2012 energy effecting her and that she is communicating with some low vibrational spirits, and that she needs to make peace with what is going on and accept things and listen to the guidance and drink water etc... find spiritual understanding because her life is a wide open drama this year, my Brother a non- open person is at wits end and needs all the light he can get .. I dont feel I should preach my beliefs to my Brother and I know sending him light goes beyond and limitations.. Mom needs light because she is defiant!!! This time she refused to go with Police, she even fought with them, my Brother cannot take action in my Moms behalf until the state of Connecticut feels she is finally unfit!!! I feel NOW the state will allow my Brother to make her decisions for her, up till now she has been released everytime from the psych ward after 3 or 4 days and on her own reconasince... after today since a local business called the police on her it may all change so that my Brother can force some kind of nurse to look after her, she has refused, she also has a on going UTI from not drinking one drop of water... I send her love and light everytime I think of her, today maybe a blessing in disguise as far as what my Brother can do for her now... and her care.... please send her light so that she can accept what is going on and so that she can find her way peacefully to what she is seeing and feeling and for my Brothet Mike who is a wreck!!! Thanks!! Lah
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