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In the dream with Lynn Andrews there was a building on fire. This was a recently built Chinese Restaurant. It was full of people in the Navy. They either owned the restaurant or were eating there. Lynn said it was obstructing the view. I looked and saw mountains in the distance. I thought one mountain looked like Mt Katahdin, which is considered sacred by the Native Americans in Maine.
On one of the Christian TV channels there is a pastor that preaches about the end times. He says something major will happen in January. Some sort of disaster. He believes we are going through a cycle of disasters to either help bring a spiritual renewal or the end of this current civilization. I had another dream which told me to pay attention to what he was saying.
I interpret my dream of the Chinese Restaurant burning as a sign of current consumer society as an obstruction to the Spirit. Of course, if there is a major Cataclysm in January, I might die or be extremely traumatized by it. I think that if the Earth is going to ascend into a higher dimension maybe a lot of people have to die first.
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