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Default part 3

Let us give you some examples. Local and international rallies and meditation services for peace. Participation in a variety of environmental conservation measures. Monetary support to organizations that are providing life essentials to refugees and others in impoverished circumstances. Community and individual efforts to assist those who are most needy. Demands for justice and humane treatment where those are being denied. Efforts to preserve and uplift the lives of domestic and wild animals. Ingenuity, perseverance and cooperation to overcome financial adversity and other hardships.

And please do not overlook the power of your prayers! Prayer is not reciting familiar words in church or personal messages to God, by whatever name you call the Supreme Being of this universe. Prayer is the energy sent forth by your every thought, feeling and deed, and you have been sending out “peace, prosperity, health and harmony” energy in great abundance!

We want to mention other factors that also pertain to “waiting patiently.” In previous messages we have explained what has prevented mass landings for the past decade or so, and it is most unfortunate that much confusion and disappointment has arisen due to blatantly false information given to some channels by dark entities that claimed to be well known respected sources. The dark ones do this specifically to cause negative reactions because they feed on the energy of negativity and to survive, they must keep creating it.

It didn’t help that the very few actual plans for a small number of ETs to make a public appearance had to be postponed—we assure you that the fleet commanders’ decisions were wisely made for your safety and theirs.

Because of that and the many instances of deliberate falsehoods about extraterrestrials’ arrival and intentions as well as claims of imminent planetary disasters, Hatonn has asked us to expound on his statement in a previous message: “If our making an appearance becomes pivotal to Obama keeping his position, we’ll do that in sufficient time before the election. If we see that his reelection is certain, we’ll show up soon afterwards.”

“We” refers to members of the off-planet contingent that has been negotiating with some of your government leaders and others in the vanguard of paving the way for the Golden Age. This visiting group would be introduced prior to the arrival of our family who will bring technologies and remain as long as you want and need them to work with you.

The decision about timing of that momentous day is the province of the highest universal council, and it acts upon God’s mandate. Only at that ultimate peak of awareness can soul contracts of everyone involved, individual and global karmic completion, and your population’s reactions be known.

There is still another aspect to the “waiting game,” if you will. Animals whose soul contracts provide sufficient longevity have a free ride into fourth density with the planet, but humankind does not—you have to earn your ticket, so to say. Whether your contract choice is to live in Earth’s Golden Age or to enjoy its full panorama from Nirvana, it is prudent to use this time to prepare spiritually. Live from your heart—love is the key!

Only in the United States is one day each year designated Thanksgiving Day. Should not every day be a time of thanks-giving throughout your world?

Thanks to our universal family who are in your midst or in your skies, and all who are beaming intense light from afar to you and your world.

Thanks to Gaia for crying out for help so her body and all of its resident life forms could survive.

Thanks to God for His unconditional love and for never judging what you do or don’t do.

And thanks to each other for providing the opportunities for experiences that you needed for spiritual and conscious growth.

Always and in all ways, the respect and love of lighted souls throughout this universe are with you, our dear Earth family.



Suzanne Ward

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