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Default Wonderful Wounds by Sean T. Blackwell

Sean wrote this today and gave me permission to post it on
How beautiful is this? What a Thanksgiving this is...I am so loving it. Deb

Wonderful Wounds

Seemed to tame old hate with wisdom
There it was waiting to leave this realm

Like an old man checking his news everyday
The numbness of hurt from the heart grows

Distance between family and friend out of focus
Sick like a dog from being so caring and ugly

Time passing quickly more so than others
Stuck in a field of wonder not mystic nor joyous

Until one steaming day of endlessness
Leapt from agony not only alone but insane

And awake with much a pain than before
Family now in focus and sharply touched

Heartbeat relieving old stress and anger
New hunger and light of day when younger recalled

A person has given their life for mine a sacrifice of no limit
Happiness for the first since a boy in the dirt twinkling

Now the wounds are wonderful giving life and mindful of death
For with not a care or understanding of a smile again taken

Teaching the young arrogance against the old stubbornness fading
The future resonates with a song of rebirth and new faces

Loving on the line stepped up now to be bold
A breath away from beauty and joy and love

Sean T. Blackwell
Life Is Opportunity
Imagination - the Beginning of Creation
Life is Good
Belief Becomes
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