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Default The Source and ranking

Micheal Newtons research into reincarnation and other doctors as well came up with similar results.Doing it seperate and not consulting in anyway.A origanized social almost military ranking type of things.Only with different colors outward appearance of the entities.
1.white level one white gray grayish with tints of pink
3.white and reddish pink
4.light orange-yellow with tints of white level 2
6.deep gold with tints of green level 3 or brownish-green level 4
8.light blue wiht gold or green brown tints level 5
9.deep purple level 6
10.deep blue with tints of purple level 6
11.purple higher levels

they have over lapping colors as you go up the ranking.Bases on perfect and experience in your reincarnating.At the end you go back to the source.THe source continues to make new entities for it is limitless.People say there is only so many people there is more now then in the past.True but they think to narrow as if this is the only planet that is inhabited.THe source infinitie.
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