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Default My email to my son this evening!

Hey, hope you enjoyed your supper and are now cozied up in bed.

Sun is going down earlier and earlier each day. I got home right before it got really dark.
You know, right after dusk but right before really dark. ahahha And there was this old black
man with a cane crossing the street which appeared to be drunker than a skunk; however,
he may have just been slow and careening. Anyway, he made it across the street and I was
able to turn on the street to the apts. I attempt to hold my judgements, because I really do
not know what another is going through. I can tell you what it appears to be to me from
my perspective but I cannot state that for the truth. Oh, when I was leaving today, I waved
at Rodney who was on his computer emailing someone, so he is in his office and whatever
the rumor was, it was just a rumor. Ya see, most of the talk is just that, talk.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be doing like five payrolls for our clients since we are closing Thursday
and Friday. Then I will have to go to the bank after work and straight home from there.
I am going to make the Cheesecake tomorrow night, then I will get up Thursday and do our
cooking for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Oh, we have so very much to be grateful for. I recall that
last year you were still on a stomach tube and not allowed to eat anything at Arlington Heights.
Also, you weren't suppose to have liquids but I was sneeking you iced tea. Speech Therapy was
working with you for your memory loss and slowly you began to recall what day it was and what
various objects were, such as baskets and their functions. It was like you had to relearn so many
things and I know that you don't even remember most of that, but I do.

We got your hands to working again with squeezing the little blue ball that Don now has. By the way,
is he remembering to squeeze that everyday? I didn't think so. So, maybe you might remind him
of that each day. Anyway, each day I would work with you in what day it was and helping you to brush
your teeth with a swab to build up your jaw muscles again after they had been crushed. I used to
swab your mouth with a lemon flavored cotton swab, you liked that. I would toss the little blue ball to you
to help you coordinate your right arm as your left arm was still stabilized by rods and you couldn't move it.
I remember how excited we were when you could remember what day it was and when you could
designate what the purpose of a basket was or a teapot.

And today, look at you! Do you really realize how far you have come??? I really don't think you realize,
I don't think you remember how bad off you were. So yes, we have so very very much to be grateful for,
and we need to never ever forget that you "came back to life". And through it all, I was there to urge you on.
And each day, I saw you grasp another little portion of recovery. Baby steps after baby steps but still they
were there. I saw your desire to live in each day and I was joyed.

And now we are here, a year later, and you are on the verge of walking again. What a miracle that is!!!
What a miracle it is that you have all your faculties about you and that you are cognitive. Do YOU really
realize how far you have come? Today, as I sit here and remember last Thanksgiving. I was just grateful
that you were still alive and I was hopeful for whatever progress you would make. Today, I am amazed
at the progress that you have made and am so thrilled that I could witness it all and be here for you and me.

Your will to live has just amazed me over these last 15 months. What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day we
are going to have on Thursday. I am so very proud of you and I am proud to be your Mother and I am so
very grateful for our life together. After all we have come through, we can go through anything. I have no
doubts that we will always come out on top of everything.

Happy Thanksgiving Sean T., I am happy in giving my thanks.

I love you,
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