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Originally Posted by beana
I have had some interesting dreams lately. In one dream I went to South Africa to see Gurumayi; and then I visited some huge trees in West Africa.

I went to a Spiritualist Church on Sunday and had a powerful spiritual experience. Last night I had a dream with Lynn Andrews in it. She mentioned churches. I felt it was a special omen.

I have been watching Drunvalo Melchizedek videos lately and felt a lot of energy from them. Now I want to attempt a synthesis of Acension, Evolutionary, Enlightenment and Christian Revival phenomenom. A revival is when God pours out his spirit and people get baptized by spiritual fire. I am afraid something might go wrong in the process and instead of getting a 15 foot body on the 4th dimension I will end up with that body on the 3rd dimension. I will then go insane and become like the villian in the recent Spiderman movie.

15 foot body on the 4th dimension? Please elaborate.
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