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Interesting video was sent to me today about the 2012 subject.
It talks about a cosmic ray of vibration that is supposed to occur in our solar system cycle and how there is a belief by the Mayan culture that the scientists are going to use this upcoming event in their current research for the anti matter particle. There is a few negative concerns about what the scientists are doing but in general the video has a very positive message.
This ray will bring a period of about 8 minutes of extreme heightened awareness, enlightenment, change in consciousness, a sudden epiphany of evolution of awakening.
Ac Ta, ( also talks about the pyramids as being ancient proton accelerators. See Cern Hadron Collider. He speaks about these pyramids as being a vessel to prolong the 8 minutes so we can extend the moment of increased awareness to effect real positive change. Every thing we think in this time we must act on.
This 8 minutes will effect our electricity. I don't know if anyone else has noticed a change in our electrical machines - but I have - and it will become more intense. We are electrical beings - see my post in Science and Tech board and check out the Science and Sage article that explains this.
It is a fascinating video - I really recommend checking it out.
xo Froggie
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