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Default Teachings from the Paleiadians

The intensity of the expected energy wave is not ours to stop or prevent. It will enable both the planet and our individual lives to ascend into higher frequencies and has been planned by the Source long ago. We can work harmoniously with it, or be removed. Will it happen? It has already begun.
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I am reading a facinating book called Bringers of the Dawn, Teachings from the Pleiadians. This book was written in 1992 and discusses that in 20 years IE, 2012, there will be a major alteration and shift on our planet.

I would like to share a passage from this profound book that relates to the Ascension.

As members of the Family of Light, you can simply observe this, knowing that chaos and confusion must come to break down the system so that it can be rebuilt with light. As members of the Family of Light, you can understand that there is an evolutionary process taking place and that those who can handle the changing frequencies by all means will evolve.
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As I put this into prospective today, I am thinking of the war in Israel and Palestine. Could this be the beginning of what is expected to come. Is it our time on this planet to have a World War 3. Is it our time on this planet to have a nuclear war. The bible says that the world will come to an end in the Holy land. Is it our time on this planet on December 21, 2012 to come to an end, and begin again.

Last night I layed on my sofa while I prayed and meditated for a better understanding of this. I quickly fell asleep in peace, and woke up at 4 am in the morning. Another day has come, and what will be will be.

Love yourself and each other.
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