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Default Ascension

There are so many different interpretations about what ascension is or isn’t that confusion makes understanding almost impossible. Part of the problem is that we are all individuals with unique paths and journeys in this life. Each is correct for a distinct individual but that truth is not necessarily indicative of the truth for everyone else. I’ve read and respected many versions of ascension with interest and thought it was time to offer mine knowing full well not all will resonate with its vision of truth.

Many cultures have indicated that there will be a wave of energy that we will enter that will affect our awareness. I subscribe to that belief for many reasons. The most pertinent one is that I can both see and feel the affects of its arrival personally and within the world’s mentality. Its becoming harder and harder for people to remained centered; consequently causing increased polarization of people’s ideologies and chaotic, almost manic, emotional responses throughout the world. This will increase greatly because the wave has barely begun to touch our awareness. The need for balance is crucial.

Our planet reflects the combined internal state of balance of the combined peoples of the world that inhabit it. Even the most sensitive human can not predict with complete accuracy the outcome or long term effects of that balance, because the center point of focus is continually changing. It no longer matters where people are upon the pendulum of change within their individual polarities, philosophies, ideologies etc. What matters is if they can balance it against that which is not their personal preference; balance the conflict that causes the pendulum to swing. The time to fight for one preference over the other is coming to a close. The need for tolerance and understanding of our opposites is essential to avoid mass destruction and chaos upon the planet. We need to accept that each of us, all our values and thoughts are equally important in this world. We need to stop warring against that which is not our personal choice and allow the freedom for others to have their choice with equality of respect. That does not mean agreement. It means tolerance and acceptance. That will stop the pendulums movement and allow humanity as a whole to remain centered within love and compassion for all.

The center point or zero point of balance that can be obtained will determine how the inflow of energy is channeled or used. Change is inevitable. What kind of change is up to us. How that will reflect upon the planet is up to us. How change will happen is also up to us. Will we continue and increase patterns of chaos stemming from the wild swings of human emotion bent on the destruction of that which is different; causing the planet to reflect that in chaotic destruction upon the planet? Will we choose tolerance and compassion that creates balance; insuring the flow of more intense energies to onto and within the planet and ourselves without resistance; guaranteeing a tempered change or transition that is necessary for our spiritual growth?

Change within our form, our body is never our choice. It happens automatically like our growth from a child into an adult. We can assist or resist change. It happens whether we want it or not irregardless of how or what we believe. Ascension can also happen, but it is done from a position of absolute balance and intent. It individually frees a person from the affects of change and elevates them into a state of oneness with the Source that does not change.

The intensity of the expected energy wave is not ours to stop or prevent. It will enable both the planet and our individual lives to ascend into higher frequencies and has been planned by the Source long ago. We can work harmoniously with it, or be removed. Will it happen? It has already begun.
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