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Default We chose our life

We live on opposite sides of the country.West coast me and east coast her.Meeting for a week a year for ten years.Calling on the phone several times a week.I know if you watch the news you know about the general.His wife looks like his mother.You get comfortable let yourself go it happens to all of us at one time or another.The other person doesn't.Usually at work meet someone thats a hottie and likes sex they be married or single.Woman or man.Its like this after you do it once,you get the same punishment for one time as much as 100 times,so theres no turning back afterwards you crossed the line.I would say in my case some of the best loving I've ever had.But its more not just that you click so many differnt levels.Another thing to remember we choose our lives at time recarnated with these things that would happen if it wasn't suppose to happen it wouldn't just fall into you lap.
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