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Smile More good news!

More good news! Sean just had a visitor from a prosthetics company, Alltech's, who wants to take on his case. Therefore, I contacted the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitive Services and they said that since
we already have a company we wish to work with and that Sean desires to
go back to work, that the process should be simple and relatively timely in completion. So, here we go on to the next stage of healing and getting back to walking again.

Sean and I are both very excited about this new juncture as it seems it could go full blown and a lot of culminations could occur within a short period of time.

So, again, we are requesting your loving healing energies to surround us in this last portion of this journey to get back to walking again. Lift us up with your energies to surpass any and all possible obstacles.

Thank you all so very much for continuing to join us on this beautiful journey, " Coming Back to Life".

Love you all, Deb
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