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i remember this interview. It is a great one.
Two more things from a present perspective:

"when you come across an infidel, cut off his head."
The question occurred to me for the first time almost
immediately: what if we're meant to discern that
statement (not literally) but metaphorically?
i'm reminded of a quote from Osho:
"Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less. Feel more"
Also coming to mind is a painting i saw once in an art gallery on
Michigan Ave of a man sitting in lotus with an illuminated heart
in the center of his chest and no head.
The definition of Infidel is :
a person who has no religious faith; an unbeliever.
Faith comes from the heart and not the head.

Secondly, about the runner who breaks the record for running
a mile and how he changes what is thought possible. i was
struck all at once with a truer understanding of how it is
possible for one person to raise global consciousness all by
themselves with just one action even tho it may be thought
unconsequentual (or do the opposite).

It's hard to believe this was 6 years ago; it seems timeless.
Shirley and Dr Hawkins are coming from a very high vibration
in this interview. Takes anyone who listens up a notch, i think.
There is still Electronic Voice Phenomenon going on behind him,
by the way.

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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