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Its hard thing to meet your soul mate or cluster mate.Two entitys in the there purest form in cluster of twenty or so can choose to reincarnate many times over and over.In the other life no matter how perfect the vision with no real form its an alusion.Can't rebel or be a non comformest.Can you imagine the worlds with mass rebellion of the entitys."We don't want to return to the source,we want to be our own source."I shall probably get in trouble for that one.
No not me not that,my only crime is one of passion for an entity through out time itself.
Two souls so closely matched that physical iove is like an explosion, the intense build up of senses.
Wars wealth helping humanity poverity.All these things in every life just to see one another in the flesh.
I feel sad for people who choose to be alone or have given up.Don't be bitter in life as long as you wake up tomarrow theres time.
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