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Default For Lah

Sending Love and Light for Tynzy and for you as well dear Lah. Believing she can heal with your patience and caring spirit. Hopefully, you can help her even more by getting her into a regular therapy program and also group therapy.
Sometimes it is a blessing for these children to meet others with similiar stories and hear of their lives first-hand. Social Services can often reccommend these programs or help you find the right child therapist for her. School councilors often know good ones as well.

Understanding that she will try your patience at every turn,and that staying on an even keel and not lashing out is difficult.... as she will constantly be testing you. It is very possible to rebuild her bond of trust in adults but, would be an arduous process for you to help her to to heal only by much as you would like to believe this.
Sending Healing Energy for you both with much, much, Love,
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