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Well I had high hopes that I could help her get past things, with spiritual knowledge and love and understanding.. Umm, she is better off but really hasn't healed at all inside and with her learning ability so limited she doesn't grasp what healing is really or about filling her spirit with positive, she is the same as the day she came to me on both counts... Really wrecked.. I have poured all Ive got into her and am cuz it doesnt really change or help her, what I try to bring to her... Sigh.. I have looked at it as she is with me karmically and I owe her my best... and I dont want to leave a stone unturned concerning the karma we have... This has been a rough year for her adjusting to being a "ADULT" haha, her disability and place in the world.. it has beeen hard for me because she is so limited... hard times... I hope like GR said it is like a reset button for her karma this year.. I hope cuz she needs to find her way, be ok and go into the world... somehow that is positive..
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