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Default The ruffest planet

what I have found through study and being hypnotised.Going to best seer's.Theres after life of pure thought and these beings come back not only this planet but all planets that contain life.Many of us have been to other planets.They say this is one of the ruffest planets to tackel,living here you know why.
Once your there for a few times most don't want to come back.Image by thinking you anywhere in a type of 3d vision.Where a past like could appear and step into that scene to live it once more.Part of the process is to view life books of images of your past lives seeing what you did wrong or right.
Your group or cluster as people call it that have been taken back is group of about 20 or so.These other life forms go back in pairs or three or four and will apper in your life to have deep thought to trigger a movement .A thought or to start a new direction.This also does the same for them,neither knows at the time except for a feeling you know this person even thought you've never met.
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