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Default you all are wonderful!

A quick check in and a grateful thank you for your prayers and offers to help. We don't have power yet but slowly areas around us are restored, so we've now got food and water. Gas rationing in effect. I'm sure there are places to send money or supplies ... a lot of emergency centers are now open ... things no longer have that disaster crisis" feel to it .... and the sun is shining, which has a FABULOUS effect on everyone!!

I find it encouraging to note that we Sisters have not missed a single chapel service during all this - and we're in communal prayer in our convent chapel 7 times a dayl I don't know gow people without faith get through stuff like this!

Hope - Love - Trust - Compassion - Friendship ..... I am soooooooo blessed and filled with gratitude for all that we have! Have a wonderful day, my friends, and let's all continue to hold one another in light and love. Ultimately, that's all any of us can hold with surety.

Much love,
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