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Originally Posted by OneLight
Amazing, amazing, amazing what you both are continuing to experience. Sure hope the new meds are decreasing Sean's pain and that he is in comfort today.

As we both know, the Crow (in Shaman wisdom) is both the message and the messenger. He symbolizes the "bridge between two worlds", and in light of Sean's NDE, how significant is that? As well, he represents that our future is changing before our eyes; in other words, this is a time of transformation…traversing new spheres of understanding, expecting the unexpected, balancing everyday reality with spiritual purpose.

I too have felt the healing energy through your hands, but it appears (given both of Sean's experiences with it), that it is definitely pulsating much stronger. In "light" J of that, you may be interested in checking out Renaissance's post under Divination entitled "The Power of the Human Mind" and view the youtube clip about DJ. If indeed, as Cher suggested, your energy work/path is coming through your hands, then learning to balance it for the situation is important.

I also can't help but smile in speculating that your parallel dimensional lives are merging. I am, of course, referring to Miya in your book, and the work she was doing in The Lobe! I just feel this is all part of the inner ascension process of 2012 and it is so exciting to me! So, you go girl.

Am so pleased Sean's surgery was so successful, that Carroll is doing well, and ever appreciative of all our friends here who have been continuously supporting us in their energy work and prayers. Thank you all.


Yes, yes and yes to all that you have suggested. So much to absorb at this time and so much to move forward in. Lovely, lovely, lovely. So grateful for all and to all who are participating in mine and Sean's lives. So feel the love from you all and so send it back to all of you a hundred fold.

Love, Deb
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