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Default Mother Baobab

The BigTree – Part 8
3nov12 by Peg

Mother Baobab was enjoying her day
feeling the warmth of the nourishing Sun
and appreciating the balance offered
by the cooling breezes of the Air
as it gently swirled through her leaves

She marveled at the simplicity of this moment
as she relaxed into the joy of just Being
who she is, as she is

And in this state of wonderment
she thought of her friend, The Big Elephant
whom she hasn't seen in quite a while
Even though Mother Baobab thought of her friend daily
she missed her friend's companionship

With keen understanding, the Air sensed Mother Baobab's thoughts
and with a smile, the Messenger Air carried these thought forms
over the land, bringing them to every distant corner
while covering all in between…

It seemed like no time had passed at all
as Mother Baobab felt the familiar vibration upon the ground
and smiled in excitement to see her friend, The Big Elephant
ambling toward her down the path, trumpeting her hello

How glorious it felt when The Big Elephant
wrapped her trunk around her in a big hug
No better greeting is more welcomed than that!
With the help of the wind, Mother Baobab
dipped her leafy branches down and
softly patted The Big Elephant's back in a return hug

The two friends spent a while catching up
on each other's experiences since their last visit
and then the two shared their latest knowings
happily discovering that each, in their own way,
continue to expand their awareness, perfectly in sync

"Isn't it a wonder" said Mother Baobab
"that no matter what we are going through in the present,
if we take a moment to just breathe and connect with our Center,
the turbulent storms around us seem to dissipate,
opening a path that assists us in unimaginable ways."

"Yes" said The Big Elephant,
throughout it all, I've learned to appreciate
the Teacher in every situation."

The two friends smiled at each other,
acknowledging that whatever manifests and comes forth
within the rhythms of life, all have purpose
which, as The Big Elephant said, gifts us
with exactly where we need to be.

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