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Default The Tundra

Good morning everyone
I have caught up on most new posts and I am glad to read
That all is well and most of you here are still holding strong
And keeping the fort safe! HahhajajA

I am working up north near fort McMurray and if oil sands
Mean anything to you, please understand I needed a job
And I am doing my best here and recycling everything I can

It is a gruelling 21 days on and 7 days off and all I want to
Say about that is I lost 5 kilos in two months! This is good
As last winter I became out of shape.

I also had a bit of spiritual jet lag. Meaning spending too
Much time out in the universe and not enough time tending
To home life.
So I declare to write one post per week and see if I can
Find my footings again on this earth

As I walked into my new place of employment which contains
Over 6000 oil workers the first thing I saw on the wall of
The lobby was an oil painting of a "Blue Indian" with the
Yellow big dipper in the sky behind him and his yellow
Lodgings next to him with symbols of our spirit guides

I landed right where I am supposed to be. And will follow
My Instinct now to pray more meditate more and do the
Best job I can to make these hard workers get clean towels
And fresh sheets.
Met some incredible people here. And we are all in this
Hoping the project is being handled properly and from what
I can see, management is well run and everyone is polite
And understands the well being of the earth

Speak to you all soon
Love Kris
dragon spirit
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