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Default Amazing Grace!!!!

Wow what a wonderful two days filled with blessings all around. It began with Carroll coming through her surgery successfully yesterday. I saw her
today and she is doing well. Thank you all for including her in your prayers.

Yesterday as I was driving to work, my check oil light came on. Hmmm, I had planned to get my oil changed not this weekend but next, but I have oil in the car so I told my Skylark that I would feed her before I left work and that all will be fine getting there. Then I pulled into my parking space and there are the sidewalk was a crow. I got out of my car and said hello and asked of the crow what was his message for me. Well, he hopped around a bit until I noticed that he only had one leg. A one-legged crow! Well, the first thing I thought of was that I needed to go see Sean after work and take him something to eat and just be with him before his surgery. I had planned not to go that day and just to see him this morning. Well, the Crow, with it's ever so clear message changed my mind. And, as it turned out, Sean did need for me to come by and be with him before today.

So, then this morning, I went to work and I noticed that my hands were pulsating with energy. So, I got up from my desk and went over to the plants that I tend and cupped by hands around one of the larger leaves. "It moved"! I said, "You can feel me, can't you?" Anyway, my palms continued to pulsate and then I took off to go see Sean before his surgery.

Sean and I talked for awhile and he told me that he was having a lot of pain in his hips and foot from the chilly weather. I said, "Let's try something." So, I started moving my hands over his foot and leg up to his knee. He said, "You're not touching me are you?" I answered no and then he told me that he could feel this energy penetrating his foot and leg. Then I moved up to his lower tummy over his pelvic area where he was experiencing pain. In just a few moments, his stomach started gurgling, literally and we both started laughing. "Mom, I can feel that and I guess you just opened up something in my gut." He said, "What are you?" I answered, "I don't know but this sure is fun." We laughed again.

Now, here is some wonderful news. After about a four hour surgery, Dr. Nana comes out with a smile on his face and tells me that the surgery went much better than he expected. He said that he did not have to take an inch out of the bone in Sean's ankle, so he is still 6 foot 3 inches. He said as he started to reposition the right foot that it just fell right in place and he was able to secure it with screws so there was enough bone and he did not have to take a bone graph from the right femur. He said the only thing was that he couldn't not get it totally upright because the knee falls a bit to the right and that it would cause more harm than good to attempt to straighten it so he allowed that. But, he said the foot is in position to walk again and to give him the structure and stability to do so.

I asked Dr. Nana on a scale of 1 to 10 what would he grade the surgery, he said, with a smile on his face, an 8 or 9 and that is only because of the slight right angle. He said there is no infection and that it turned out much better than he had expected. So, we were both just grinning from ear to ear. He thanked me for hanging in there for all this time. I looked at him and asked, "What else could I do but just move forward?" He smiled and said, "That is what has gotten us to here."

Now, I go in to see Sean in recovery and though he is in pain, he is doing exceptionally well. I then go up to his newly assigned room to wait for him. After a while, they bring him in and are getting him situated. I tell him that I am going to head home since all is well and he is in good care - two lovely nurses hoovering over him. He says, "Wait Mom, I have to tell you what happened."

So, I put my purse down and bend over him so I can hear more clearly. He says, "There was a hand reaching for me." I said, "A hand from where?" He said, "From another dimension, it was a girl, a blonde headed girl reached out her hand to me and I took her hand and she started pulling me and then she asked, "Do you want to stay? And then I woke up to alarms going off and everybody scurrying around me and I am feeling like I was dying and I couldn't breathe. I said, "And that was your answer, you woke up." He said, "Yeah." I said, "You wanted to stay." He said, "Yeah."

"Wow", I said, "You had a Near Death Experience. You were given a choice and you chose to stay." He said, "Yeah." I told him that he would probably be having a lot more awareness coming from this experience. He said that he felt that way, too. It was a "WOW" moment.

What a totally blessed day!!!! Well, it is almost midnight and I am so trying to get sleepy so I can go to sleep but I am so buzzed with all this beautiful energy.

Again, I have to thank you all for your contributions of your wonderful healing energies. Time and time again it has worked and we have experienced countless miracles. Blessings back to you all a hundred fold. Reach out and catch it coming back at you.

I sit here with a smile on my face loving you all,
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