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Default Update

Update on Sean's surgery today...

Just got off the phone with Deb. Sean is in recovery, she was able to visit
with him, and is now getting ready to head home.

Per Dr Nana, the surgery went better than he expected...on a scale of
1 to 10, he would rate it an 8 or 9 ! There was no infection inside, he did
not have to shave any bone (so Sean did not loose any height). He
straightened the leg and foot as best he could (saying that Sean's knee
is still twisted a bit to the right, so his foot is still a little bit turned to the
right, but not as much as before), and he applied several screws in the
ankle area for support. He felt trying to straighten the knee completely
would add complications, so felt it best not to go that route.

Sean is in pain but they are giving him something for that, and I would guess
something to help him sleep through the night.

Deb will update tomorrow with details, saying by the time she gets home
she'll be too tired for anything except going to bed! Can certainly
understand that!

Thank you...Source Energy, and all of you for your prayers and energies,
once again you all came through most powerfully and we all so appreciate

Love to all...Peg
Blessed Be,
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