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Default The Big Elephant

The Big Elephant
by Deb Abbott

The Big Elephant lifted her head and turned to listen.
What she heard was a tender voice that presented
Itself in the form of an echo that reverberated the land.
The Big Elephant listened, listened, listened.

It is a time of listening, being totally open to listen
To that which is being presented without pause
Over and over again the stimulus comes
And we are once again presented with this cause.

The Big Elephant then planted the crown of her head
Against the root of the Tree of the Baobab and nudged
The one into being so as to be in union with the energies
That the Baobab provided. There sprang forth a mist.

And in this mist came forth a pulsing energy that presented
A mature knowing of significance to obtain therein what is given
A short but sweet significance is given to stand and hold that
Which is obtained within its ownself and spread forth.

Therein, in this moment was presented a total inhaling of the breath
Of a new idea of the way of being, breathing deeper, the stance remains
And then the fog clears and the ones can see that all along
They were standing exactly where they needed to be.

Love, Deb
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