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Originally Posted by Cher O
Hi. My mom is a very young ninety-year old. She just had her birthday in August and is the most wonderful person. She has caught some kind of chest congestion and I am praying that she won't have to go into the hospital. So many old people never come back out alive.... hospitals are full of germs and are just about the last place you want to go.

So please join with me in sending my mom healing energy. She prays for everyone else all the time.... I love her and am not ready for a life without her. Thank you so much. Love, C.

P.S. Her name is Gwen.

Dear Gwen,
Bless you for all those prayers you pray for others.
May you feel a healing warmth in your chest and may
you feel better very soon.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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