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Default Thanking you all and Asking you to Pray for my Boss!!!

Thank you all so very much for continuing to join us on our journey. After a good conversation with the Administrator of the Facility where Sean is, we resolved the issues and we will be there for another month anyway. That will give Sean a chance to heal from surgery in a familiar place and then we will look for a better Physical Therapy experience closer to home. I have two places that we are considering. We are intending for the perfect facility to show itself.

Made Halloween Muffins for Sean and his roommate and took them after work
today. I have created a Cookie Muffin Monster!!!! But I am loving spoiling my son. How many mothers get to do that when there sons are 32??? I am also spoiling his roommate Don (who is 52) who is certainly loving it as well. And I am just loving hearing all their happy sounds eating the muffins...mmmmmm....mmmmm....mmmmm. Now I realize why my Dad liked to cook so much.

Anyway, my boss, Carroll is having intestinal surgery on the 31st and Sean's surgery will be on the 1st. They will be at the same Hospital so I will be able to visit with the both of them. I will have to hold down the fort at work while Carroll is out and Sean's Uncle Don now works with us on a permanent part time basis which is great. I will get to be with Sean before he goes into surgery and Uncle Don will be able to be there all day with him. So, that makes it so great for the all of us. It certainly is so nice to have his uncle in our lives. He is like a surrogate father to Sean and a dear friend to me as in a brother.

Also, I am going to be going by and feeding Carroll's kitties while she is in the hospital which I am looking forward to. Carroll and I have just become such good friends already and we so enjoy working together. We're like two peas in a pod and that is the most wonderful experience to have in a workplace where you look forward to going to work and enjoying every moment of everyday. I am so very blessed in so very many ways.

I send you all a huge hug and am so grateful for each and everyone of you in our lives. Sean and I are envisioning him walking through our front door very soon. And Carroll and I are envisioning her happy and whole. As a matter of fact, she has just become so vibrant since I have been there. It seems like she has given up worry and taken hold of gratitude and knowing that all will be well. And the business is growing everyday as are the plants in the office which I tend to and talk to and love dearly. Carroll told me they look better than they ever have. I'm just loving it. Everything is

Well, my lovely sweets, I just feel very energized with all this repair that will be taking place this week. We are blessed. Sean said to tell you all thank you for being there with him - he has no concern because he knows that he is not alone and hasn't been throughout this whole journey. He so embraces the power of prayer and positive vibrations and good energies. He even talks like us now. I love it and I

Love you all so very much,

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