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Default Good news

Hello everyone.
I want to thank you for all the energy that was sent to my son. His liver has
regernerated its self. He has to go and get a liver scan but I think that is just the Dr.s dragging things out to make more money. I just got a call from him and he told me he just got hit by a car. He saays he wasn't hurt but he rolled up under the mans SUV after he flew through the air. His angels were with him tonight.It is on tape and we have a witness. When he got up off the ground he yelled at the man and gave Todd the finger and drove off. I woulld like to add him to the prayer list just incase he did get hurt.
His wife's joke ( Well I am not going to pay that man ) HaHa. He had to explain to me that his wife pretended she hired a hit man.
Is every one else's life a soap opera?
By the way I am feeling much better.
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