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Well, with two weeks, here and there, without internet, I certainly excercised my ability in patience and acceptance. Thus, I continued
a stress free existance. I am really getting it. When you have no control
over an ordeal, best to just chill. So I did and I have.

And now, that I am back online, seems I have a whole new scenerio to consider. Sean has gone through some situations where he is at his nursing/rehab facility that he feels are not conducive to his recovery. Therefore, I checked it out and have to agree with him. So, we are beginning to look for a better rehab facility that can meet his needs.

Thank you all for contributing your loving energies in finding Sean a wonderful place that offers a great Physical Therapy Dept. to assist him after his surgery on November 1st to get him walking again.

Love you all, Deb
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