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Originally Posted by FrankFromCanada
* * The commas I'm not sure about. I put them where they are for pauses & thot in the reading, especially if read aloud. Yet, am not sure about them. Have had a lifelong tumultuously ambivalent affair with the comma! Anyway, read as you wish or not . Enjoy, if there is some joy in it for you.


The genius within, cries in its soul,

when all is lost. And there, in this finding,

of its soul, finds, nothing is lost.

The genius within, sees the little,

in the big, and the big,

in the little.

Actually, it is in the not-big, the genius

within, finds the big. In other words, it is in

what is small, the genius, finds, what is large.

There is not bigness, inside the genius, only knowing.

In the knowing, within, the genius, is in wonder, of the

smallness within, that also becomes, the largeness,

within himself, or herself. There, in this small place,

the genius, freely confronts, his, or her, soul, where

a child cries, because, his, or her genius, within,

has gone unrecognized. Weep for the genius

within, any child, who has gone unrecognized.

In your weeping, find a connection, to your joy.

It is this, the child within, seeks, and why

the child within, is crying. There is recognition,

in joy. And in weeping. Weep well, and be joyful.

Weeping geniuses, discover pain, in their joy,

and joy, in their pain, and release both, at once,

in their weeping, be it from, joy, or pain.

Geniuses reside fully, in their souls,

when they are geniuses, and not fully in their souls,

when they are not geniuses. This, is the way of genius.

A genius’s soul, becomes whole, in a place, called,

soul unity. In this place, called, soul unity, a genius,

connects, with himself, or herself, and is a genius.

In this place, called soul unity, a genius is able,

to connect freely, with others, from the source,

of his, or her, genius, where he, or she, is truly, fed.

Witness the unity, or disunity, in others,

when they are acting, in accord, with their

own geniuses, within, or not.

Thirst after your genius, within. Find, your own soul.

Walk to the brink, of reckoning, in recognizing

your genius, within, then leap.

Inspire your genius, within, from the fountain,

of you, your aspirations, your desires, all that is,

truly you, within. Hear, your genius, cry.

Love your genius, within. Treasure it. Value it.

Live it. Love it. Be you. And most of all, hear,

the cry, of your genius, crying, for you, when it,

goes, unrecognized, and, without feeding. You must,

feed your genius, as a mother, feeds her child, as she,

hears the cry, of her child, in hunger. When your genius,

hungers for you, it cries the lonely cries, of a hungry

child, calling its mother. You, are your own genius.

You, are the mother, of your genius. You, must care,

for, it, as a good mother, with food, and nourishment,

and warmth, and acceptance, in this way, as a good,

mother, mother your genius, be you man or woman.

You are genius, within. Await rainbows, calling you,

to their dance, in the clear, light, before you. Know,

the difference, between genius, and genius personified.

The personification of genius, is seen easily, by, the

genius within. Understand, what, inspires you. This,

is your genius, calling. This, is your source.

Feed it. Feed your genius. When your genius cries,

from hunger, lack of feeding, or, warmth recognition,

or acceptance, feed it, warm it, accept it, and, above all,

recognize it. Hear, your true self, in the cries, of your

genius. You, and your genius, are one, and, the same.

You, and your genius, feed, from the, same, plate

in, the, invisible. The Universe beckons, you, and,

your genius. Touch your genius, and know of, yourself.

Stop, your genius from crying, and you will…

stop yourself,

from crying,


from Frank From Canada. October 21, 2012

Genius; an entity to itself within us all.
This is lovely, Frank. Deep, you know how i love deep.
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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