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Originally Posted by OneLight
Well, here I am again with another little update on
my nephew's 6 year old twin daughters. This piece
warmed my heart and I just have to share it...

Among the many activities the twins love to do is
that of baking and cooking. My nephew's wife found
a new recipe for bread and thought it would be fun
for the girls to try their hand at it.

They got all the ingredients together and molded it
into a ball. Then Blair told them that the bread
needed to "rest", the girls decided to sing a
lullaby to it! Blair video taped it and put it on her

Picture this...two munchkin twin girls standing side
by side in their PJs, holding each other's hand, and
swaying back and forth while gazing at the lump of
dough on the counter and singing...

"Dough, go to sleep, dough
shut your eyes, dough
and go to sleep"

Mom didn't have the heart to tell them that wasn't
the meaning of "rest" in the land of bread-making! LOL

And the finished creation looked yummy from the pix!

Just love these two little ones, they just warm my heart!


P.S....If you're interested in reading more about the twins,
check out my A Beautiful World post further down on this

From the mouth of babes... Soft Grin...
Thanks for sharing this, Peg,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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