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Default Inca Ritual Calendar

Dear Hearts

Last year I went to Peru and felt guided there by the spirit in many places.

In Cusco I went to see Corincancha old Sun temple also known as Virgins temple in past Inka time.

My camera was not working on that day so I asked friend Gay to take a photo of a wall with drawings of monthly celebrations in relation to the New Moon and Full Moon.

I felt that those pictures have a deep meaning and I knew that the understanding of it would come in time, as this is how my guides work with me sometimes.

Last month before Full Moon I felt guided and found on Internet another photo very good quality of this wall drawings and I posted the site in previous post here.

Inca were very much connected to land and the Stars and their rituals included celebrations connected to New Moon and Full Moon. One is a ritual calendar and other is an agricultural calendar.

But I wanted to find out more about this and today again guided I found the source and much information about it that I like to share with you.

The drawings and pictures in Cusco Church they are from a book Chronicles by Guaman Poma. See in this site about his work.

The original manuscript is in Denmark Royal Library but it has been put on Internet and drawings as well as text can be read.

I believe that this is very valid link to Inca ritual calendar they traditionally observed.

So last month Full Moon according to this translation was the feast of the Queen.

INKA Ritu SETIENBRE, Coya Raymi [celebration of the Queen]:
Dizese this month Coya Raymi the great feast of the moon. It is coya and Lady of the Sun.

Now The tenth month, October; Uma Raymi Killa, month of the principal feast

VBRE, Uma Raymi Keel [month of the festivity of the water]:

[“Creator of the man: maker of those who eat! God of Wari Wira Qucha: where are you? Send, please, your water and rain to your nations!”]
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