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Dear One Heart- this is how I like to call people that I meet on my path of spiritual journey.

I went two weeks ago to my rented cottage that is on a property 20 km from Young and 300 km south from Sydney.
I was able to dig and transplant only 4 trees a day. I got dirty and work with mother earth and done this work in 5 days by myself no help.
Weather was good and all went well now I pray that mother nature will be kind and help the trees to recover and grow nice.

I left two trees back in Coota garden as they were near fence so hope to have fruits on them this year.
One small tree was broken so I have this in pot but rest 19 trees I transplanted and put them near fence around the home, no more heart formation. But now the cottage is surroundedwith the heart trees.
I have 6 trees on South, 6 trees on East, 4 trees on North and 3 on West later I may add one more there. Strangely the trees create kind of heart shape on the outside.
I may try to bring pictures in future and let you know about the progress of the garden. This year also I have a big field of wheat growing on other side of the road and I am wondering if I will see any crop formations there this summer.

Staying in cottage was great but don't have good connection to internet had no phone or TV. But I am back in Sydney hope I can go back to cottage in November.
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