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Originally Posted by Pema Norpal
Hi Honey,

That's an AMAZING dream. There are so many Symbols, all of which are positive and beautiful. Family, restaurant, Church street, the Angels, the unknown friend..OMG...

I believe that the Shift has already started, it will be mostly an inward shift and many will follow and some wont, because of their conscious level.

Thank you so much for sharing..very uplifting !!

Hugs and Love
Good morning Pema,
You just made me take another look. You just helped me see
another symbol; being scooped up into a higher vibration by
the hand of something greater than ourselves after initially
struggling. Shaking my head; too funny...
i believe it's already started too, and there are signs of our
inward shifting all over the place, but i haven't really been
looking, seeing. All around us the truth is being revealed. All
these things that were hidden deep underneath the surface
of the proverbial pond are now rising to the top. No matter
where you look; the evidence of awakening is there.
All that crap we learned in high school; shaking my head.
We are seeing now (thru archaeological digs and channelings)
that just about every civilization that has ever inhabited this
planet was advanced; some even way beyond us.
Ancient hieroglyphs are projecting light bulb and other electrical
images on tomb walls. The Ancients even had aerodynamic
knowledge; it is very possible that they knew how to fly too.
And their nautical knowledge was also quite advanced. The
navigational instruments they invented and used quite
remarkably grandfather ours. Ha!
The truth about Christianity and how it was modeled after
the Pagan Spirituality. How many of the books regarding
reincarnation were removed from the Bible millenniums ago.
Many of the truths that have been hidden in the Vatican archives
are now coming to light. And i could go on and on in this arena.
The truth about America and her Masonic ties and Columbus
was not the first to discover her. i could go on and on here too.
And moving to the present, the truth about the American
Political system and their ties in the past (and even now) with
Organized Crime. Iraq was about oil and money and greed. The
lobbyists and the all the extras in all the bills that get passed that
we were never told about, but now it's all becoming quite transparent.
The truth about the oil companies and how they hold us hostage
to creating better forms of energy that reduce the harm we've
been causing to our planet. The truth is quite clear.
The truth about our food and all the chemicals that have been
used for years that were killing us. This is being revealed now
too. We're eating better (each of us to different degrees) and
that too is raising consciousness.
The truth about the pharmaceutical companies and our
medical professions all coming to light.
It seems what is going on within is facilitating the shift without
and what is going on without is facilitating the shift within.
And in the Spiritual arena, it is no longer just individuals
awakening to their multi-dimensional selves. Whole family
clusters have been awakening slowly to who they were to
each other in the past and who they are now. It's like a bag
of popcorn. One kernel pops and then another and then another
and then 4 or 5 kernels pop at the same time (it's like that) and
this continues until every single kernel has popped.
and now finally, the truth about our DNA and our Extra-terrestrial
heritage is slowly coming into mainstream. The truth about
everything is being revealed (no matter what it is) and a planetary
shift in consciousness is occurring as a result. Thank you, Pema for
opening this door for me. And thank you Caged for your popcorn
post. Soft Grin...

Joy and Light,
((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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