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Default For NYS and Rick

Thank you for this helpful post NYS. Really appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Have taken notes on info which was new to me.

And thank you, too Rick but, I bet my husband will be thrilled when I start cutting up onions and putting them all over the house. Umm place will smell fantastic! The tip about not saving some to use again is good.I never knew that and do tend to stick the rest of an onion in the refrigerator and use it again.

Never told you all, but last year I almost died from a really insidious flu bug. Had to do three courses of different antibiotics...this went on for over a month. I never asked you for prayers but, probably should have done so! This all seemed very weird because I am usually someone who never gets sick. But, later I found out that there was a very insidious strain of flu going around LA and alot of people here caught it . I did not take the flu shot and like you Rick, I am suspicious of them having read about how these concoctions are created.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy and healthy season and seasons to come!
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