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Hi Lura,

Yes, Ted Bundy would be right. One of Ted Bundy's methods of getting the
women to speak with him and go with him to his car was to put a fake
cast on his arm or leg. He was seen with his arm in a cast, asking women to help him put his sailboat on his car. In one instance he put a cast on his arm and carried a stack of books which he dropped in front of a girl. She helped pick them up and followed him to his car with them. After he was convicted he blamed exposure to pornography for what he had done. Poor Ted.

You could also think about the men who abuse their wife and then apologize profusely, swearing they will never do it again and begging forgiveness. They just don't know what came over them. Next week they don't know what came over them again. In some cases they try to get the sympathy of their children. Poor Daddy.

Yes, it is manipulation. As long as they can get sympathy they can continue to abuse. Good people want to see the good in others.

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