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Default LIfe between Life

You know I hope that everyone has that moment when you have a clue.Life between life books by diffent sources say the samething.I believe it.Being hypnotized and taken back to other lives.
In general the source like a snow ball breaks off units of itself in a continuing the recarnation of new entities as the old one come back to the source and the end of its enlightenment.Not only in this world but all words.
Many people not only are reincarnated on this planet but others as well.That feeling that only they get when they into the nights sky.
I often say its a rigged game but you have helpers from the other side who are programed to be at certain spot as certain time.Looking back you can remember these people."Oh I met this guy but bus stop and we talk about nothing really but some reason I desided to go in another direction aferwards.Many cases these are your fellow cluster mates.You do the same for them.No one knows in this life time but often realize after the brief encounter.You go hum!
Doesn't always help we are hard heads and sometimes takes many life times of making the same mistakes ane not learning.
This life it has to be patience because I'm being forced to be in certain situtions that are important to me and it drives me crazy.I may have come back a few more times on that one. ha ha
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