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Wow Paula!

Funny that you should bring this up at this time. I've been reading a few books on psychopaths and sociopaths over the past couple of weeks. These are people who are often very charming, normal looking, often have better than average intelligence and simply have no conscience. They can be found in all walks of life. Most are criminal in one way or another and many are never charged with a crime because they just have not been caught at something they can be charged with. They are, however, destructive to others in one way or another because they do not possess any understanding of what people with conscience feel. They know right from wrong but do not understand why what they do would cause another person distress. They see people with emotions and conscience as weak. They have learned to act as though they have the same feelings as other people because it is useful to them and helps them manipulate the other person. These people do not fit the definition of insane in our courts because they do know what is considered right or wrong. All they care about is not getting caught at what they do to satisfy their own needs.

I also deal with my mother and her dementia every day. I am constantly reminded that she thinks I am the one who is crazy. Maybe? Hahaha!

It's a fascinating subject to me.

With the election around the corner I have to give thought to how many of our politicians fit this description. It's scary.

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