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You throw the possibility out there:
"Could it simply be that sin is anything that distorts truth,
connection, balance?" i would agree with that assessment.

And i would also agree that there are times when the
state of "not knowing any better" comes into play too.

There's one thing i've noticed in my dream; the angels
are not here to judge. They do not come with swords.
They do not breathe hell fire. They simply walk by;
their eyes filled with compassion by the hundreds.
They are just walking by on a path called Church St?
Life is a dream and maybe it's just to shock those of
us in the dream into a higher frequency (thru their
mere presence) so we remember that we too; are
divine. We are ALL divine.

i was raised a Catholic but truly in my heart i am a Pagan
from way, way back. Ha! God is the air i breathe; the earth
i walk upon, the sea i drift on, the sky i gaze up at. God is
the warmth of the sun, the gentle rain and even the
storm and the darkness in the heavens is God. What is
there to fight about.

Hey, here's a kicker: Laura, Justin and i will be flying into
NYC on 12/21. Ha! It's a 9:15am (central time) American
flight, arriving LaGuardia 12:20pm (eastern). Give or take
a minute or two. Huge Grin...

((((((( A Wish for All )))))))
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