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Hi Basia
Here is the piece from June's ShirleyGram:

Did you know that hot spots, pimples, rashes, impacted glands and uncontrollable itching are common symptoms of an overloaded eliminatory system. The skin is the largest eliminatory organ and when allergens and toxins have to find some way out, the results can be painful!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to the rescue! If your dog has itchy skin, the beginnings of a hot spot, incessantly washes its feet, has smelly ears, or is picky about his food, the application of ACV may change things around. For poor appetite, use it in the food - 1 tablespoon, two times a day for a 50 lb. dog. For itchy skin or beginning hot spots, put ACV into a spray bottle, part the hair and spray on. Any skin eruption will dry up in 24 hours and will save you having to shave the dog. If the skin is already broken, dilute ACV with an equal amount of water and spray on.

Taken internally, ACV is credited with maintaining the acid/alkaline balance of the digestive tract. To check your dog's pH balance, pick up some pH strips at the drug store, and first thing in the morning test the dog's urine. If it reads anywhere from 6.2 - 6.5, your dog's system is exactly where it should be. If it is 7.5 or higher, the diet you are feeding is too alkaline, and ACV will re-establish the correct balance.


Just a note: BB Dharma also has itchies that have been awful this year. I have been spraying her with ACV 4 times a day. It's a temporary relief but it does help. I also put her on 100 mg krill oil (omega 3s) and that has helped.
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